Birthday Bash

"Sonia's birthday collage"

The more you praise and celebrate you life, the more there is in life to celebrate. Another day with another but a special reason to celebrate that was the birthday of our trainee Sonia or rather i should say Birthday of Miss Chupchap of iZAP

Frankly speaking winter celebrations are little tough but how can we miss a chance to celebrate, how to make person realize their importance in our life. We decorated her cabin with lights , ballons and birthday cap. Real happiness is receieving unconditonal love and support from our and dear ones. We switched off all lights before her entrance in our lab and the moment she opened the door she was both surprised and shocked as she was fascinated by her welcome and surprises arranged for her. We were driven back to our school days when we used to be excited about the birthday of our friends and thus started celebration in same way with that shinnng birthday caps, toffes distribution among the class for time being that was our colleagues. Followed by the latest trend these day i hope you have guessed-Selfies of course the important aspect of our occasion these day. Rest day was normal till 5. Then we blindfolded the birthday girl and took her to the place where the cake cutting ceremony was organised. There was a unique glitter in her eyes which was kind of showcase of her feelings. Then the cake cutting was done with full fun. Her nose was enhanced with the cherry that gave her look of clown. We all ate cake and snacks and gave our best wishes to her. There are two great ways in person’s life -the day we born and the day er discover why and iZAP being constantly trying make such a days the most amazing and memorable days of the iZAPPERS.