Birthday Bash @iZAP

"Ranjana's birthday collage"

Do you know why birthday’s are so special? As it is a special day when God gave them a chance to live this beautiful life . Thus everyone wants to celebate their bithdays in best possible ways in which they can. Being a working persons we all are quite busy in our daily routines but how we can miss a chance for celebrate that to a birthday of one of our valuable employee named Ranjana Sharma.

We all like surprises as they give us an extra happiness then about the known events. Thus we planned some surprises for the Birthday Girl to make her feel special on her special day. Her desk was beautifuly decorated with the ballons, posters and lights before her arrival to start her day with smiles and wishes. Rest day went normal as other surprises were planned after 6 p.m. A surprise party was thrown at iZAP’S office. Despite of her shy nature she was overwhelmed with the happiness and was blushing with a special glow. A Cake cutting ceremony was done where all her mates served her with cake, decorated her face with cake,cream and other accessories which made her actually look like a birthday girl. Now it was time for next surprise which was the sudden arrival of her younger sister which added one more point to her happiness. It was just a small initiative to make this day a memorable day. As employees spend their lot of time here and its our duty to provide them homely and healthy atmosphere . So that they can continue to work with the same enthusiam and dedication with which they use to work in early stages. Employers not only employee an individual to get work done and pay them some salary rather they also try to cherish their lives with small celebrations on their special days. Such a live example can be seen at iZAP.