Revamp Party

"Revamp Party"

OMG it was my first official get together after joining iZAP. June month came with little surprises as i joined iZAP but surprises were not only for me but for iZAP also as after continuous hard work of 10 complete years, it was being able to convert itself from a proprietorship firm to private limited company.

Official get togethers are as necessary as family get together’s are. They act like a relief and comfort from hectic and never ending work at office. It is like an energy booster which encourages all to work with more zeal and efforts. In order to refresh everyone revamp party was organized on 30th June 2016. Revamp basically means new and improved form or appearance of something. It is an act of restructuring, reordering or revising something in order to improve. It can easily be compared with iZAP’s Revamp which means new infrastructure, renovated office and conversion of a proprietorship firm into a Private Limited company. As it gave us a cause of celebration so it was named as REVAMP PARTY. The day 30th june was chosen for this celebration and appreciating the efforts made by all employees All izappers were beautifully dressed in t-shirts with iZAP logo on them. Party was started @ 1 pm with a welcome speech for thanking all for their kind presence. Then some announcements were made which revealed employee of the month which was chosen by jury members by considering all segments from punctuality to dedication and the employee of the month of june was Mr. Sameer Sood. Brunch was served therein which included delicious dishes and desserts too. After then next event was games. You know what the most interesting parts of games is that they helps in increasing our coordination and communication with our partners as they are required by each team to win the game. Games included dum-sharats, recognizing movies from their dialogues, mimicry session etc. A beautiful dance performance by given by younger daughter (Ekam Jangra) of your CEO which added an extra glimpse to the party. Last but not the least was dance party where we all danced on mixed bollywood and pollywood numbers and the best part was dance on punjabi song “Jatt da Pajma” by all. It was indeed a enjoyable and memorable day and a small way of thanking izappers for their contributions so that they can continue with their contribution in a better and a positive way.