How Can Programmer Be a Creative Designer?

"How can Programmer be a Creative Designer"

Before I get start, I would like to let you know. I, Tarun Jangra: Having 10 years of programming experience. It is important to mention because it will let you know why i can not be a designer.

Designing an excellent web site for my company is always a dream for me. Especially when we want to be unique. I have tried couple of designing ideas, Of course stolen from here and there. And I’ve managed to learn Photoshop like tools or hired designers. But nothing could design which touches me. From core, I’m a programmer, May be that’s why i can not built what touches me.

Since 2005, I’m working as a Tech guy. So finally I am so rigid tech guy who is perplexed with the thought that I can not be the Designer. Okay, That’s cool. I’m actually happy with this fact. And I use to hire designer as everyone doing. But to be honest, I’ve never find myself satisfied with the results they all have produced so far. We have built around 10 versions of our site where last three were never published even. All seniors had tried their best. But nothing was convincing. Well, How it could be touching, Because what we had built earlier was derived from our competitors. Approach was, Google our competitors. We found 5. We stitch combination of all in one and done. Bull shit! How can we copy strengths of others? Because we have our unique product line. And that’s what the reason i never find it appealing.

From last 6 months I was hustling to make something which describe us in better sense. In the interim, I got an opportunity to meet Niyam Bhushan. An awesome creative mind. He intrigued me to think boundlessly. Next problem, Learn Photoshop. But do I really need to even know Photoshop to be creative. Niyam’s Talk convinced me, No I don’t need to be Photoshop expert. Now we were able to think more creatively and boundlessly.

I choose following approach:

  1. I started writing my content presenting my own strengths.
  2. I’ve hired one guy (Jagdeep) who is really good in Graphic tools. He has ability to draw anything. Awesome Job Jagdeep.
  3. Our content is now describing all of our strengths. Which helps us to understand more intuitively about our design.

Whole journey was like, We are designing a Car to accommodate the engine having our strengths (in the form of content). And the dimensions of this engine finally derived us to build outer body of our car (Website).

One screen.

I’m anxious to show one screen of our new design. We will be launching soon with the whole site.

"iZAP's new design"

I would like to Thank Niyam Bhushan and Jagdeep(A creative iZAPPER) to derive me in a new direction.