Docker Journey (Why Docker?) - Day 1

"Why Docker?"

We are going to get start with one more project. And As a DevOps, i decided to give Docker a serious try. I’m planning to deploy this whole application via docker on our whole infrastructure. Dinesh Verma (One of my co-worker) and i are working on this job. And our goal is to make deployment of our source code as easy as possible. So that evan a QA team can launch an application for some particular branch by following couple of command.

Well it is not first time we are going to use Docker. For some of our projects, we are working on Docker for development machines. Actually that is the combination of Vagrant, VirtualBox, CoreOs, Docker. Which is working fine. But as you know, having such bleeding edge technology on production. Such decisions are quite critical. But i want to give it a serious try.

Following are my Goals to figure out. Well yet i’m not sure how i would be able to figure them out. So that’s why i decided to share my Docker Journey where i would try to explain my goals, challenges, and how i tried to fix them.

  1. Programmer should be able to launch machine corresponding to any branch in our remote environment.
  2. QA should be able to launch machine corresponding to any branch it was to test.
  3. How deployment of new releases will happen from Development Environment to Staging and Staging to Production without interrupting running services of old code?
  4. How this echo system would work where new machines comes in with new updated code and old get away.
  5. Since docker is recognised as light weight machines. So 500+ mb image size does not make sense. So How can i keep the size of the machine as small as possible with the minimum set of libraries to keep my application running?
  6. Contain DockerFile within the Docker it self would really make image size so small and helps to build system on Runtime. So have to figure it out too. I have never used something like this. But it seems pretty promising.
  7. Discover more goals which are important to achieve using Docker.

Well, Currently i’m focusing on how to solve above problems. I will be glad to share all possible solutions and will keep sharing my further Docker journey. To be continued….