CoreOS on DigitalOcean

"Hard work always pays back"

So wait is over now. Finally DigitalOcean has introduced CoreOS officially. And this is really good news for Developers. I think, this will be the best fit in the Market. Where application deployment is immutable in docker environment and getting support from DigitalOcean has made it around 3 times cheaper them Amazon Web Service. Amazon, RackSpace, Google Compute Engine and now DegitalOcean are supporting CoreOS.

Cool thing about this technology. Now developers are not tied with specific vendors. DevOps can deploy their machines in different environments depending on the cost. DigitalOcean is one i know who are providing cost effective solutions around cloud. so that is obvious to be the first choice of new startups. Where initial funds really make sense to be saved.

Anyhow, congratulations DigitalOcean and DevOps Community.