YourSports Team @Ludhiana

"Hard work always pays back"

India is the country which attracts everyone with its tremendous culture, food and off course people too. But add on to this, India is blessed with intelligence, caliber and dedication. Chris and Gregory keenly got chance to visit India and well… well… well… the most amazing reason for their visit was YourSports. All the technical team @ iZAP was eager to meet them. Not just because of work but yes, for great fun and parties too yipieeee….

Finally, on April 2nd 2014 there flight landed @ Chandigarh Airport. 11:35 a:m was time when Chris McCoy- Founder @YourSports, Gregory Langlais- VP of Engineering @YourSports and Tarun Jangra- CEO and MD @iZAP met. Ocean of thoughts and new ideas were shared and it was the time when yoursports was about to reach to its opening. In the evening we all decided for get together @BrewMaster for dinner and off course for a carton of a beer. We saw Chris wearing a Tshirt quoted “Pure Punjabi” and wearing Punjabi jutti. Wow…What a Punjabi attitude. Gregory and Chris met the whole iZAP family after crossing seven seas. Well… I am remembering of the song “ Saat Samandar paar main tere piche piche aa gai… “ Oh My God! Am I getting filmy now. Hold on, let me get a deep breath and come back to BrewMaster. Staring with cheers of beer we had a great dinner that night.

A new day filled with a great energy and off course first day of Gregory @ iZAP. He was welcomed with an Indian traditional style. Narinder Kaur ES expert and Gregory had useful discussions on Elastic search and other researches. It was a very busy day and unique too. You know why 3rd April was unique. Yes yes I know you all were thinking about the Gregory’s first working day in India but tell me tell you same day was the Birthday of The Author Of This Blog – It’s me Puneet Riat. Mr. Tarun Jangra, chris, Gregory and my iZAP team made that day memorable for me. Very next day after working till evening we decided to go for a movie. PVR was no doubt a great option and we purchased the tickets of movie “Youngistan”, 5:00 p:m show. It was really a nice movie and few of our iZAPPERS were busy in translating the dialogues for Chris and Gregory. And those amazing starts were Chetan Sharma and Puneet Sethi. It was a very pleasing moment and became more enjoyable with drinks and popcorns. We came home @ 9 but boys rocked the floor @ Park Plaza till midnight.

At last, the moment came when Chris and Gregory packed their bags to take off for USA. This trip was so memorable and pleasing that everyone wanted them to stay for few days more. But “Work is Worship” and Chris and Gregory it was awesome meeting you and we will always remember those days and we are lucky one that we have a CEO like Mr. Tarun Jangra, who made us to meet you guys and share such wonderful experiences and knowledge.