Hard Work Always Pays Back

"Hard work always pays back"

It is well said, “If you deserve, you will surely be rewarded.” And we @iZAP saw the same and got inspired with a great surprised happened today. Chetan Sharma – Team Lead, who is always dedicated towards his work. We @iZAP all know his capabilities and his hard work. He loves to share his abundant knowledge with others about various Programming Languages, Frameworks, Software and OS and many more… You might be thinking that what happened next, which made us surprised.

It was like a normal day and we all were busy with our daily tasks and deliveries. All of sudden @ 6:00 Pm, Mr. Tarun Jangra (CEO and MD) came and made our attention towards him. He started with so motivating words and cleared iZAP’s vision and mission. He said,” You all iZAPPERS are my family and I want you all to grow and touch the height of great success with iZAP. I want to see you rising financially and economically both.” Wow what a great words. And we feel that we are very lucky that we got chance to listen to such incredible words from a CEO. Next he called Chetan near to him and discussed few precious moments of 4 years back with all team members. Everyone was listening very attentively.

All of sudden he presented him a gift and all team members including Chetan were shocked to see that. And he asked him to open the gift. Everyone was so curious to know that what is there in that gift box. Chetan started opening that gift box and guess what? There was a small gift inside that gift box. Everyone got more curious. Now again Chetan tried opening the wrapping paper and now he was prepared to see the gift inside. Oh My God!!! Again one more gift box inside that. Everyone was laughing as there are gift inside gift and so on… finally Chetan opened the last box and there was a key inside that. Everyone was making guesses. But finally to break the suspense he took all of us downstairs and WoW. It was a Bike (Honda Yuva) Red in colour and was very dashing. Chetan was so happy that he could not control his happiness and was speechless. All the team members were very happy and congratulated him for such a wonderful gift from iZAP. Chetan also shared his happiness after that.

It was a wonderful day especially for Chetan. Everyone got so motivated and started working hard so that they also may be the star of iZAP one day and can become role model for others. Once again Congo!!! Chetan and wish you may reach to a great height of success with such hard work.

Words From Mr. Tarun Jangra

I would like to congratulate Chetan and expect all team to get an inspiration from him. This is one of his milestone he has met. And of course there is no shortcut for such achievement. So the only key of success is “Hard Work and Patience”.