Quality Analysis Case Study @iZAP

"Quality Analysis @iZAP"

The “iZAP 7x multiplier” was always a good choice. We never knew that we could have done it way better. Maximising the efforts of the team, without putting any additional burden, each iZAPPER performed 7x better without stress.

To make things simple we never told iZAPPERS “Guys there’s a new task,” infact we put it this way “Guys, let’s play a game.” Team did all the work assuming that they are playing a game. Not knowing they are actually performing 7x leading to iZAP’s quality multiplied by 7. The flow was simple, easy to remember. Here’s what we did with our provided resources and what we actually accomplished.

The team iZAP has always been focusing on initiative thinking. Our believe in invention is the key that enable us to create new things, services, and ofcourse web applications. Unlike any other development company too, we faced performance pressure. One of the key areas of this was the “Quality Assurance”. Our tangible assets included only the developers and designs, lacking of testers was halting our performance. The team available never had time to increase there QA skills, and never besides being involved in development and designing, they lacked experiences. Clients will never listen to our problems, when it comes to providing the BEST QUALITY with respect to a programmer’s greatest fear – “DEADLINES!” What would you have done for this? The answer is simple and expected – “Hire a professional testing team.”

This had always been an easy choice. But we wanted to do it in a different way; rather we did it in an exciting way. That improved the quality of the product and also our team. But that’s just the boring part, the fun part is – “iZAPPERS do not know they’re getting enhanced.” Lol! Isn’t it? That’s what we did.

Before we hire an outside team, We thought why not use our own team? Although considering most Developers. So we took 45 minutes from each Developers. We told them to give 45 minutes, hiring involved team of 10 Developers we collected 7.5 hours of testing per day, with our available resources.

Now what about the skills? Granted that team is giving 7+ hours per day. Not skilled will be divided by 2. So, what we did next was that, we introduced this campaign as a contest in which the winner will get appreciated. Now Developers can’t resist the urge to find bugs in the other developer’s application. We never expected the results would be this much awesome! Our testers actually proved to be “Hackers” No tester could have done so well. Now not only we have a strong QA team but strong hacking team as well. A team that provided Quality assurance with security assurance without actually hiring the team or spending cost.