I Can Bake My Development Environment in 10 Min

"Chef: A platform helps us to build our development environment." Since our company is located in India, We are facing couple of such problems where our development environment get crashed. Even though we have all required backups. But such problems are quite usual.

As a Team Manager, When we need to perform. It is really frustrating When

  1. Crashed a development environment while working on tight dead lines (Especially working in India. Where power and internet problems are usual). This leads to loose development time which is so expensive these days.
  2. Adding new team player needs a manager to make ready whole sandbox for him manually.
  3. Setting up various configurations like nfs connect, git configurations, ssh keys, all development software installation.

I know, we can buy spare hardware for each team member. If something bad happen, we can replace crashed one. But It is not a solution to buy extra hardware for each developer. Might be feasible for a small team but really expensive for bigger teams. Such problems are everyday problems.

Chef, It really helps me to handle this situation without any cost. Well at least my hard core bucks. Now i am able to bake a new linux development environment in 15 mins. 5 min to install Debian and rest of the 10 mins to install all required softwares and all system updates. It is really cool.

We have implemented our local repository to install all linux updates from our local server. So it also save me to download same package again and again.

It has ability to setup all working box having all databases setup for developers. It really took away lots of pain.