How Can Programmer Be a Creative Designer?

"How can Programmer be a Creative Designer"

Before I get start, I would like to let you know. I, Tarun Jangra: Having 10 years of programming experience. It is important to mention because it will let you know why i can not be a designer.

Designing an excellent web site for my company is always a dream for me. Especially when we want to be unique. I have tried couple of designing ideas, Of course stolen from here and there. And I’ve managed to learn Photoshop like tools or hired designers. But nothing could design which touches me. From core, I’m a programmer, May be that’s why i can not built what touches me.

Go Language Sixth Release 1.5

Go 1.5 has been released. Major focuses are to make it more supportive for Mobile iOS and Android Apps, Rewritten Garbage Collector, Entire compilation C tool chain has been written in Go itself, Better logical CPU parallelism. It is the sixth stablest version of Go language which was waited along. Congratulations! Go Team.

PostgerSQL Straight Installation and Usage for Users Coming From Mysql

"PostgerSQL straight installation and usage for users coming from Mysql"

PostgreSQL (pronounced ‘post-gres-Q-L’) is a free, open-source object-relational database management system (object-RDBMS), similar to MySQL. It is commonly used as a backend for web and mobile applications. This article will help you to install PostgreSQL database server on your Ubuntu machine and get you through some pretty straight commands without dragging your here and there.

Optimise Your Site With Caching Headers.

"Optimise your site with Caching Headers"


Cache is one for the most talked topic now a days. Everyone must have worked once in his/her life with Cache to make things faster. Browser Cache is one of the Cache concepts those are helpful in make your website faster and scaleable. Browser Cache works on the base of Cache Headers that we send with our Content. Good New is, every browser has in-built implementation of an HTTP Cache. But we have to make sure that we provide correct HTTP Headers to tell browser for WHEN and HOW LONG the response should be cached.

Gopher @iZAP


The very hot topic in izap these days is “Golang”. Let me tell you what is it and why is it so favourite. So “Golang or Go” is an open source programming language, released publicly by GOOGLE about 4 years ago. Go is used internally by the google for “core infrastructure services; cluster management; large-scale distributed processing, including some uses of MapReduce and in tools for software development”. No, This is absolutely not why we all are curious about Go.

Encryption & Decryption With PHP MCrypt Using Rijndael 256

"Encryption Description with PHP"

Almost all the Internet is API based currently. APIs have been Integral part of all Systems. Data is being transferred from Server to Server, Web to Web, Device to Device via API Calls. So in this Era of API Centric application Security remains a very critical issue while transferring data from Server to Client or vice versa. Even if we are not sending Via APIs then also Data Security in very Important while storing the sensitive information of user data line Password, Credit Card numbers etc.

Docker Journey (Kubernetes vs Mesos vs Docker Swarm) - Day 2

"swarm, kubernetes, mesos"

As i start digging around my requirements, i found three potential players who are doing great job under their defined context. Kubernetes, Mesos and Docker swarm. I personally more convinced to use kubernetes for my production environment solutions. I found it more logical and lesser learning curve.

Why Did We Opt for Git Forking Model?

Git is an open source project to control versions of your code. It has been very popular among developers community for code collaborations and release managements. I have been introduced with two work flows. One through Branching model and other through Forking model. Here I want to share my experience across both of these models.

Docker Journey (Why Docker?) - Day 1

"Why Docker?"

We are going to get start with one more project. And As a DevOps, i decided to give Docker a serious try. I’m planning to deploy this whole application via docker on our whole infrastructure. Dinesh Verma (One of my co-worker) and i are working on this job. And our goal is to make deployment of our source code as easy as possible. So that evan a QA team can launch an application for some particular branch by following couple of command.