Birthday Bash

"Sonia's birthday collage"

The more you praise and celebrate you life, the more there is in life to celebrate. Another day with another but a special reason to celebrate that was the birthday of our trainee Sonia or rather i should say Birthday of Miss Chupchap of iZAP

New Year Celebration

"New Year Celebration collage"

Excited! Excited!. Finally the day came for which we all were waiting. Although preparations were done by me but still had an excitement. As everyone had their own plans for 31st night therefore 29th December was selected for celebrating new year @ brewmaster, the most happening place in Ludhiana. The day started with an extra glimpse on our faces. Everyone was beautifully dressed in their favorite attires. We all reached Brewmaster at 2 o’clock. As you all know selfies are most important things to be done after getting ready, we took a lot a selfies before entering the party hall. The party started with a small thanking speech having a tag line- Waiting for some fun, Here I come, To create some magical moments, Lets play the beats of the drum.

Birthday Bash @iZAP

"Ranjana's birthday collage"

Do you know why birthday’s are so special? As it is a special day when God gave them a chance to live this beautiful life . Thus everyone wants to celebate their bithdays in best possible ways in which they can. Being a working persons we all are quite busy in our daily routines but how we can miss a chance for celebrate that to a birthday of one of our valuable employee named Ranjana Sharma.

Job@iZAP: UI/UX Engineer in Ludhiana

"UI-UX Engineer Requirement"

Job Code: iZAPUI001

iZAP is looking for an UI/UX Engineer to join their highly-collaborative, experienced development team. If you are the one who is passionate about new technologies, challenges and love to roll the ball in any situation, Then this job is for you.

Job@iZAP: Requirement of Sr. PHP Developer

"Sr. PHP Developer"

Job Code: iZAPPHP001

Technology Solutions Firm seeks lead Sr. PHP Developer with 3 years of experience for our Ludhiana Office. We (iZAP) are looking for a Sr. PHP developer to join our fast, agile & creative environment. You will be tasked with not only leading the team but also contributing in the building and maintenance of innovative applications.

Revamp Party

"Revamp Party"

OMG it was my first official get together after joining iZAP. June month came with little surprises as i joined iZAP but surprises were not only for me but for iZAP also as after continuous hard work of 10 complete years, it was being able to convert itself from a proprietorship firm to private limited company.

How Can Programmer Be a Creative Designer?

"How can Programmer be a Creative Designer"

Before I get start, I would like to let you know. I, Tarun Jangra: Having 10 years of programming experience. It is important to mention because it will let you know why i can not be a designer.

Designing an excellent web site for my company is always a dream for me. Especially when we want to be unique. I have tried couple of designing ideas, Of course stolen from here and there. And I’ve managed to learn Photoshop like tools or hired designers. But nothing could design which touches me. From core, I’m a programmer, May be that’s why i can not built what touches me.

Go Language Sixth Release 1.5

Go 1.5 has been released. Major focuses are to make it more supportive for Mobile iOS and Android Apps, Rewritten Garbage Collector, Entire compilation C tool chain has been written in Go itself, Better logical CPU parallelism. It is the sixth stablest version of Go language which was waited along. Congratulations! Go Team.